Autobrains AI | Full Stack Developer

On behalf of Autobrains AI, SD Solutions is looking for a Full Stack Developer to build a team of DP experts!

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  • Develop an online platform based on given data files (e.g. JSON) to present graphics layers over a video in real-time.
  • Benefit from never-ending intellectual challenges as the companyredefines AI for ultra-scale autonomous platforms and products.
  • Tech Stack — of your choice. 


  • M.Sc./Ph.D. in relevant disciplines (e.g., EE/CS/Applied Math/Physics/Bio Engineering/Computational Biology/etc.).
  • Experience developing real-time web apps.
  • Experience working with WebGL.
  • Establish the Back-end server + platform's content managing system.
  • Be able to work in both front-end and back-end coding languages.
  • Experience with developing log-in systems.


  • Experience developing mobile web apps.
  • Good understanding of UI.

About the company: 

Autobrains AI develops cutting-edge and state-of-the-art computer vision and machine-learning-based solutions for the automotive industry. The technology enables automakers to introduce advanced features in a cost-effective solution meeting the safety and comfort requirements set by the industry. They deploy an innovative AI approach backed by over 250 patents.

Autobrains offers a perception platform that is at the heart of the vehicle's Advanced Driver Assistant Solutions and Automated Driving capabilities. They use inputs from cameras, radars, and other sensors to generate a comprehensive understanding of the environmental model of the vehicle, to the degree it can replace the human involvement and attention required today.

Software and algorithms teams work on the next generation of autonomous vehicles. Autobrains technology is the “Brain Behind the Car” and is the most advanced AI platform that mimics the way our brain processes signals.

Autobrains AI | Full Stack Developer
Software Development
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