Staff Frontend Engineer at Upbound

As a Staff Frontend Engineer at Upbound, you’ll be responsible for building the applications and experiences that customers of Upbound Cloud will directly interact with. As the face and first touch-point for users of the product, you will be tasked with building the experience that will delight and impress them, thereby contributing meaningfully and tangibly to the overall business and product.

In this role, you will be…

  • Designing and building the end user facing experiences of our Upbound Cloud service
  • Interacting with backend service REST and GraphQL APIs to retrieve application data and build dynamic visualizations and experiences
  • Optimizing and troubleshooting Single Page Applications (SPA) across a diverse variety of environments (browsers, mobile, etc.)
  • Reporting and fixing bugs in private and public projects
  • Designing and authoring test plans, unit testing, and integration testing to ensure high quality code that is free of regressions
  • Mentoring more junior members of the team and providing high quality constructive feedback on pull requests and design documents
  • Partnering with other disciplines and roles on a shared mission, demonstrating highly effective communication and collaboration skills
  • Supporting the full project lifecycle - discovery, analysis, architecture, design, documentation, building, migration, automation, and production-readiness

You are a good fit if you have...

  • Written lots of code and automation in modern languages (TypeScript preferred)
  • Designed reliable, beautiful, and delightful to use Single Page Applications (SPA) with a variety of frameworks (React is ideal)
  • Written test plans and implemented test cases to keep your code to a high standard of quality, using libraries such as Jest and react-testing-library, as well as end-to-end testing frameworks like Cypress
  • Followed CSS best practices for designing responsive user interfaces, such as Flex and Grid
  • Managed application state with libraries such as Redux
  • Optimized the packaging and deployment of your applications with bundling tools like Webpack
  • Internalized how important owning the “face” of the product is and the effect it has on customer experience
  • Architected and deployed highly scaled and reliable applications in multiple environments
  • Incorporated modern operational and application delivery tools and methodologies into your production deployment workflows, like CI/CD, IaC, and GitOps

It is a plus if…

  • You have worked in a startup and distributed/remote team before, and understand the unique challenges of a startup environment.
  • You have have been responsible for deploying/managing workloads running on Kubernetes in production
  • You have a history of speaking at technology conferences, blogging/writing technical articles, and/or contributing to a popular open source project


Staff Frontend Engineer at Upbound
$115k – $170k AngelList Est.
Remote • San Francisco
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